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Durability of bamboo and Paul Ven wood watch

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Paul Ven wood watch is made out finest bamboo. Why bamboo? As a watch, it needs to be durable and last for quite long. That’s when creating the first wood watch I have decided to use bamboo as main material.

Interesting fact:

Bamboo is flexible and lightweight and stronger than steel and most hardwoods. The tensile strength of bamboo is one of Mother Nature’s most intriguing phenomenon's. Tensile strength of steel is 24,000 PSI. Tensile strength of bamboo … 28,000 PSI (yes, you are reading that correct!). Bamboo is intrinsically strong in its molecular structure. Bamboo is also more affordable than wood as it is easy to grow. You'll see bamboo turned into skateboards, bicycles and bike helmets because of its light weight and durability. The many uses of bamboo make it perfect for fencing, flooring, building posts and house walls and of course for Paul Ven Eastender wood watch!

Latest update: 15/01/2016
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