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Why buy a wooden watch?

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No two wood watches are the same


Each wooden watch is unique and different form each other. Not only because it is handmade and handcrafted, but due to the differences in each piece of wood it is impossible to make two watches the same or to mass-produce them unlike metal or plastic watches.


Wood watches are extremely light and durable


Wood – one of the lightest and most durable material on earth. For example, Paul Ven wooden watch Eastender weights only about 24 grams and this including leather strap, buckles etc. In terms of durability: for example, the tensile strength of bamboo is one of mother nature's most intriguing phenomenon's. Tensile strength of steel is 24,000 PSI. Tensile strength of bamboo … 28,000 PSI. Bamboo is intrinsically strong in its molecular structure and has been used as a standard building material for the majority of the world for thousands of years.


Wooden watches are eco friendly


Bamboo Grows Fast – Amazingly fast that is … Some species of bamboo are clocked at growing over 3' (90cm) in height in a day! That's over 1.5" (3.8cm) in one hour!! No other plant on earth can do this. Bamboo can reach full maturity in 1 to 5 years (dependent on species). Hardwood trees can take 30 to 40 years. It is the only woody plant that can keep up with the rate of human consumption and deforestation. So this makes it perfect material for wooden watches – quick recovery and extremely durable.


Wooden watches are extremely unique


How many people have you seen on the street wearing a wood watch? Well not many. This comes as latest trend and the best thing that your wood watch would suit any outfit!

Latest update: 15/01/2016
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