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Paul Ven Liberty Wooden Watch – New straps

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The reason we did not make lots of updates is simple. Just have been really busy. So got 9 new models of wooden sunglasses, worked through lots of designs of new wooden watches and of course did not forget our best seller – Liberty. The ones who are following us on Instagram probably have seen in pictures part of that hard work we are doing.

Have a look, few new leather nato straps have been introduced, our blck, brwn and drk. Looks beautiful and it is quite rare in the current market that you have a wooden watch with nato straps that you can change and we are certainly the first ones to show a wooden watch with leather nato straps (yep, checked it, could not find).

The other great news we want to share – we will not sell straps separately, instead of this we will add ORIGINAL Liberty wooden watch strap to every watch you are buying. This would (or should we say WOOD) make more sense and you can change it whenever you want. Anyway, if you want to get few straps – just let us know, we are happy to help. 

Latest update: 22/05/2016
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